9th Grade Grammar: Key Skills and Concepts

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Updated November 18, 2020
9th grade grammar
    9th grade grammar class
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Everything about life changes in the ninth grade, even the most familiar things seem to be totally new. Ninth grade grammar becomes serious business now because it's integral to progress in all subjects. Students will be expected to have their grammar skills straight because they'll have to write in every one of their classes. Sure, there's still an English class, but good grammar is already supposed to be in play. Thus, 9th grade grammar plays an important role in the overall educational experience.

Use Different Types of Phrases and Clauses

Ninth graders should be able craft complete, well-written sentences that are interesting to read and accurately convey information.

Punctuate With Semicolons and Colons

While ninth graders should have mastered basic punctuation rules in earlier grades, there are important advanced rules to cover in high school.

Select the Proper Form of Words

Students at this level should be able to select the correct form of words to use in written and spoken communication. This includes parts of speech, tense and other key elements of grammar associated with word selection.

  • choose the correct form of a word to use, such as selecting an adverb or adjective form as required based on usage
  • select the proper conjugation of irregular verbs based on the sentences they'll be used in
  • review examples of writing and determine whether the correct word forms are used; replace erroneous forms with correct options
  • use these irregular verbs worksheets and irregular verb activities to practice

Write for a Specific Purpose or Audience

Students will spend a lot of time improving their writing skills during 9th grade, particularly with regards to writing work focused on a specific topic and audience.

Write Multiple Types of Essays

In 9th grade, students will put their grammar skills to work via a wide variety of writing assignments.


Decipher Complex Language

In the context of reading materials suitable for 9th grade, students should be able to determine the meanings of complex terminology.

Begin Using a Style Manual

In ninth grade, students should start to learn how to use a style manual to format their writing according to academic standards.

  • learn style formatting requirements using a specified style manual (such as APA or MLA)
  • format essays and other assignments in APA, MLA style or other assigned style
  • edit one's own previously written work to comply with a specified style guide

Language Learning in 9th Grade

These Common Core topics are integral to 9th grade grammar. The first year of high school involves continuing to build on grammar skills from earlier grades to prepare students for more advanced assignments and tasks. Ninth graders will spend a lot of time in English class focused on analyzing literature and building strong writing skills. Now that you have reviewed 9th grade grammar, turn your attention to literary terms for high school English.