Sentence Examples

  • The timber is hard, durable, and fine-grained, taking a high polish, and valued for its many industrial uses.
  • Follow that with a fine-grained sandpaper to create a smooth surface.
  • Wine Spectator commented "Big and ripe, a mouthwatering wine with tingly acidity bringing harmony to a wash o plum, blackberry, cherry and dusky spice flavors, which persist on the fine-grained, not terribly tannic finish."
  • All along the bank of the river Chambal the country is deeply intersected by ravines; low ranges of hills in the western portion of the state supply inexhaustible quarries of fine-grained and easily-worked red sandstone.
  • Other long-tailed pterodactyles occur well preserved in the Upper Jurassic (lithographic stone) of Bavaria and Wurttemberg, which is so fine-grained as to show impressions of the wing-membrane.