Sentence Examples

  • I definitely want to be a producer, and the reason I am an economics major is I feel like I am learning production and filmmaking by doing it; whereas it is helpful for me to have a more complex business understanding through school.
  • But it wasn't long before young Peter's filmmaking proclivities showed themselves: at the age of eight, little Peter was given a super-8 movie camera by a friend who wanted to encourage his photographic exploits.
  • Initiatives include lobbying against animal abuse in filmmaking and TV production, urging governments to consider animals in their disaster planning and working to eliminate reckless hunting practices.
  • Digital filmmaking has influenced a rebirth in Tagalog film production in recent years, and a variety of filmmakers have begun to show a renewed interest in the production of these movies as well.
  • While Cannes is the word that comes to mind when people think of filmmaking glitz and glamour, anyone looking for cutting edge independent movies will always think Sundance Film Festival.