Sentence Examples

  • Excavation has brought to light figurines of the Egyptian Osiris, Isis, Ptah, Anubis and especially Bes.
  • Such figurines are in a sense the prototypes of the Venus of Medici.
  • The old Babylonian hero Gilgamesh and the Egyptian Bes (perhaps of foreign extraction) are nude, and so in general are the figurines of the Ishtar-Astarte type.
  • The iµaTCov was also worn by women over the linen chiton, and draped in a great variety of ways, which may be illustrated by the terracotta figurines from Tanagra (4th-3rd cent.
  • Besides busts and figurines, which belong as a rule to the Greek period, the smaller objects usually found are earthen pitchers and lamps, glass-wares, tesserae and gems. Of buildings which can be called architectural few specimens now exist on Phoenician soil, for the reason that for ages the inhabitants have used the ruins as convenient quarries.