Sentence Examples

  • The way that a regular cell phone, like the one you may get from Fido or Telus, works is that your mobile phone connects to a local cell phone tower, which then relays you to the larger infrastructure so your call can be completed.
  • Each of these carriers had subsidiary brands such as Fido, Koodo, and Solo, but some have said that the competition was still lacking, resulting in comparatively higher prices for cell phone service in Canada.
  • Getting fewer dropped calls and a stronger signal can involve many strategies and it would be unfair to say that getting a phone from Bell Mobility is necessarily "better" than getting one from Fido.
  • The problem is, finding time to take Fido to have a professional portrait taken is next to impossible, and finding a photographer who is willing to work with animals can be even harder.
  • CDMA-based networks are operated by Telus Mobility and Bell Mobility, whereas the major GSM-based operator in Canada is Rogers Wireless, which is also the owner and operator of Fido.

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