Sentence Examples

  • Draw a vertical at D, intersecting fh, kg, in s and q.
  • It is a constituent of the minerals cerussite, malachite, azurite, spathic iron ore, calamine, strontianite, witherite, calcite aragonite, limestone, &c. It may be prepared by burning carbon in excess of air or oxygen, by the direct decomposition of many carbonates by heat, and by the decomposition of carbonates with mineral acids, M2C03+2HC1=2MCl-FH 2 O+CO 2.
  • Before his death Henry obtained the promise of the nobles at a national assembly, or diet, at Erfurt to recognize his son ~ fh Otto as his successor, and the promise was kept, Otto e being chosen German king in July 936.
  • Etruscan uses FH in the same way.
  • English w), the sign for the digamma F was left unemployed, and as FH was a cumbrous method of representing a sound which did not exist in Greek, the second element came to be left out in writing.