Sentence Examples

  • The "stinking fermentations" occasionally experienced in breweries probably arise from this, the free sulphur being derived from the hops.
  • Certain acid fermentations are of common occurrence.
  • His publications include Chimie appliquee a la physiologie et a la pathologie animate (1863); Traite des matieres colorantes (1867); Les Fermentations (1875), which was translated into German, Italian and English; and an excellent Traite de chimie generate in seven volumes (1880-1894).
  • The fact is that the constitution of average grape juice and the temperatures of fermentation which generally prevail are particularly well suited to the life action of wine yeast, and are inimical to the development of the other organisms. When these conditions fail, as is, for instance, the case when the must is lacking in acidity, or when the weather during the fermentation period is very hot and means are not at hand to cool the must, bacterial side fermentations may, and do, often take place.
  • These wines, therefore, require very careful handling in order to prevent undesirable secondary fermentations taking place at a later period.