Sentence Examples

  • Notably Martinique, Guadaloupe and Santa Lucia, where it is known as the "Fer de Lance"; Mexicans call it "rabo de hueso" or bone-tail, on account of the curiously coloured and spike-like tip of the tail.
  • Holland, Hungary and Switzerland were all early in the field; and Belgium has succeeded, through the instrumentality of the semi-official Societe Nationale de Chemins de Fer Vicinaux, started in 1885, in developing one of the most complete systems of rural railway transport in the world.
  • 1818); (iii.) cheptel given to a farmer (fermier) or participating cultivator (colon partiaire) - in the cheptel given to the farmer (also called cheptel de fer) stock of a value equal to the estimated price of the stock given must be left at the expiry of the lease (Art.
  • Under the Normans Matera was a countship for William Bras de Fer and his successors.
  • Jung (La Verite sur la masque de fer) had brought forward another candidate, with the attractive name of "Marechiel," a soldier of Lorraine who had taken part in a poisoning plot against Louis XIV., and was arrested at Peronne by Louvois in 1673, and said to be lodged in the Bastille and then sent to Pignerol.