Sentence Examples

  • Large flocks of sheep are kept, both for their flesh and their wool, and there are in the province large numbers of horned cattle and of pigs, Geese and goose feathers form lucrative articles of export.
  • The two centre tail feathers attain a length of 34 in., and, being destitute of webs, have a thin wire-like appearance.
  • Stray Feathers, an ornithological journal for India and its dependencies, contains many interesting and some valuable papers.
  • His idol was a huge block of basalt (still thought to be preserved in Mexico), on one side of which he is sculptured in hideous form, adorned with the feathers of the humming-bird.
  • The crest consists of six or eight narrow and elongated feathers, turned slightly upwards at the end, and is usually carried in a horizontal position, extending in the cock beyond the middle of the back; but it is capable of being erected so as to become nearly vertical.