Sentence Examples

  • To tourists one of the fascinations of the islands is their "nightless summers."
  • Double flowers, phyllody of floral parts, contortions and fascinations, dwarfing, malformed leaves, &c.can not only be transmitted in cultivation, but occur ii.
  • Geiger Johann Reuchlin (1871), p. 167) introduced him to the Kabbalah, which had great fascinations for one who loved all mystic and theosophic speculation.
  • She was wise with the wisdom of the Guises, but sincere friends she had none, and with all her trained fascinations she made few, except in the circle of the Flemings, Beatons, Livingstones and Seatons.
  • The marquis forgot the lessons of the master, and yielded supinely to the fascinations of the harem.

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