Sentence Examples

  • He approached St Faro, the bishop of Meaux, to whom he made known his desire to live a life of solitude in the forest.
  • St Faro assigned him a spot called Prodilus (Brodolium), the modern Breuil, in the province of Brie.
  • Of the promontory of Faro (anc. Promontorium Pelorum), which forms the northeastern angle of the island, the capital of the province of Messina and the seat of an archbishop. Pop. (1850), 97,074; (1881), 126,497; (1901), 1 49,77 8; (1905), 158,812.
  • It had a fine Gothic façade: the interior had mosaics in the apses dating from 1330, and the nave contained 26 granite columns, said to have been brought from a temple of Poseidon near Faro, and had a fine wooden roof of 1260.
  • Peter I., through his commander Ruggiero di Loria, defeated the French off the Faro; and from 1282 to 1713 Messina remained a possession of the Spanish royal house.