Sentence Examples

  • Settlers characteristically enough tried to live by farming, they speedily became perforce a sea-faring folk.
  • Parkside had held up well, faring much better than some of its sister cities in eastern Pennsylvania.
  • The rising in the north was easily crushed; but in the south the Ottoman power was hampered by the defection of the sea-faring Greeks, by whom the Turkish navy had hitherto been manned.
  • "I guess I wanted to see how you're faring," Deidre managed.
  • 8 The Greek cities, faring ill under Persia, and organized by Onesilaus of Salamis, joined the Ionic revolt in 500 B.C.; 9 but the Phoenician states, Citium and Amathus, remained loyal to Persia; the rising was soon put down; in 480 Cyprus furnished no less than 150 ships to the fleet of Xerxes; 1° and in spite of the repeated attempts of the Delian League to " liberate " the island, it remained subject to Persia during the 5th century."