Sentence Examples

  • PORTO FARINA, a town of Tunisia about 20 m.
  • Of Bizerta, on the Ghar-el-Mela, a lagoon, also known as the Lake of Porto Farina, at the mouth of the Mejerda (the ancient Bagradas).
  • Porto Farina was the naval arsenal of the piratical beys of Tunis and was bombarded by the English under Admiral Blake in 16J5.
  • There he became a convert from republicanism to monarchism, being convinced that only under the auspices of King Victor Emmanuel could Italy be freed, and together with Giorgio Pallavicini and Giuseppe La Farina he founded the Societd Nazionale Italiana with the object of propagating the idea of unity under the Piedmontese monarchy.
  • A number of Ricci's letters are extant in the possession of the family, and access to them was afforded to Giuseppe La Farina, author of the work called La China, considerata nella sua Storia, &c. (Florence, 1843), by the Marchese Amico Ricci of Macerata, living at Bologna.