Sentence Examples

  • DEIR, or DEIR Ez -ZOR, a town of Asiatic Turkey, on the right bank of the Euphrates, 272 m.
  • Szekely wrote in prose, with verse introduction, a " Chronicle of the World " under the title of Cronica ez vildgnac yeles dolgairol (Cracow, 1559).
  • Then dp/dz=kdp/dz = P, = Poe ik, p - po= kpo(ez Ik -1); (16) and if the liquid was incompressible, the depth at pressure p would be (p - po) 1po, so that the lowering of the surface due to compression is ke h I k -k -z= 1z 2 /k, when k is large.
  • At Der ez-Zor, for example, the heat is intense.
  • 31), Achzib (now ez-Zib, ibid.), Ahiab (in Assyrian Mahalliba, ibid.) - three towns on the coast south of Tyre, Kanah (Josh.