Sentence Examples

  • According to the legend, King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham were tyrannical rulers, ruthlessly exploiting the poor people of Nottingham.
  • On the accession of Christian VII., in 1766, Bernstorff's position became very precarious, and he was exposed to all manner of attacks, being accused, without a shadow of truth, of exploiting Denmark, and of unduly promoting foreigners.
  • Having had the soundness of this method tested by Jean Darcet (1725-1801), the professor of chemistry at the College de France, the duke of Orleans in June 1791 agreed to furnish a sum of 200,000 francs for the purpose of exploiting it.
  • He didn't need more emotions to hamper his decision making, and he didn't need Tim to disown him at the end of this mess.
  • 1915, on behalf of his party against the rise in prices, which he attributed mainly to contractors and dealers exploiting the needs of the people.