Sentence Examples

  • At the close of 1908 the state receipts for the year amounted to $1,004,041, and expenditures to $875,941.
  • About a third of its revenue goes for such uses or for Suffolk county expenditures over which it has but limited control.
  • In many cases, as at Rio de Janeiro, Santos and Manaos, the cost and maintenance of the new port-works are met by an additional tax on merchandise, though the immediate expenditures are met by advances from the national treasury, and at Rio de Janeiro by a foreign loan.
  • The department of industry, communications and public works takes the next highest proportion, but about half its expenditures are met by special taxes, as in the case of port works and railway inspection, and by the revenues of the state railways, telegraph lines and post office.
  • The gold and currency receipts and expenditures for the six years 1900 to 1905, inclusive, according to official returns, were as follows: - Reducing gold to a currency basis at 15d.