Sentence Examples

  • Henceforward he lived a life of unbroken seclusion at Vignay, his only subsequent public appearance being by means of a memoire which he addressed to the king in 1570 under the title Le But de la guerre et de la paix, ou discours du chancelier l'Hospital pour exhorter Charles IX.
  • In his seventeenth year he became a member of the Baptist church at Soham, and his gifts as an exhorter met with so much approval that, in the spring of 1775, he was called and ordained as pastor of that congregation.
  • In 1564 a new and enlarged edition was printed in Edinburgh, and the Assembly ordered that "every Minister, exhorter and reader" should have a copy and use the Order contained therein not only for marriage and the sacraments but also "in Prayer," thus ousting the hitherto permissible use of the Second Book of Edward VI.