Sentence Examples

  • Connecticut, however, excepted a strip bordering on Lake Erie for 120 m.
  • In the east, East Prussia (Ermeland excepted) is purely Protestant.
  • On the nth of June he was included by the House of Commons, in spite of a recommendatory letter from Monk, among the twenty persons excepted from the act of indemnity and subject to penalties not extending to life.
  • From 1715 until 1837, eleven years only excepted, the assize was held alternately here and at Bodmin.
  • As a whole, Australia is rich in parrots, of which it has several very peculiar forms, but Picarians in old-fashioned parlance, of all sorts - certain kingfishers excepted - are few in number, and the pigeons are also comparatively scarce, no doubt because of the many arboreal predaceous marsupials.