Sentence Examples

  • They ended up deciding to procrastinate a bit more by looking at past exam questions.
  • If double or triple diapering is recommended by the pediatrician after the initial newborn exam, it is imperative that parents follow up with their pediatrician for a more extensive examination of the hips soon after the newborn comes home.
  • If you're in need of an eye exam and would prefer to get your exam and eyewear in the same place, or you'd just prefer to shop for eyeglasses in person, you can visit the store's website and enter your zip code in the store locator box.
  • During the season's closing moments of the third season, viewers learned that O'Malley failed his intern exam, but in the opening episodes of the 5th season he was able to retake it having only failed the initial exam by one point.
  • Well, in case the two didn't know it, Mexico isn't part of the United States and you actually have to file specific paperwork (you know…like a marriage license and evidence of a pre-nuptial medical exam) for the union to be legal.