Ex Parte Definition

ĕks pärtē
Of or relating to an action taken in a legal proceeding by one party without the presence or participation of the opposing party.
An ex parte hearing.
American Heritage
Of or relating to such an action taken in a manner that is not permitted due to the risk of undue influence or interference.
An ex parte conversation with the judge.
American Heritage
A judge’s action in conducting a hearing or conference with one party only, without notice to the other party; typically improper, except under the limited circumstances in which a party is seeking a temporary restraining order and alleging that notice to the adverse party will result in the destruction of evidence or other illegal action. Also used as an adverb, such as, “the judge conducted the hearing ex parte.” It also refers to a party’s attempts to make such contact with the judge.
Webster's New World Law
On, or in the interest of, one side only; one-sided.
Webster's New World
Ex parte is a legal term defined as one of the involved parties are not present or not represented.
An example of an ex parte hearing is one where the victim is not there.

Origin of Ex Parte

  • Latin ex from parte ablative of pars part, side

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Latin "from [one] part"

    From Wiktionary


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