Sentence Examples

  • There is no provision in these laws for evicting any one.
  • In spite of his declaration at the council convened by him in 372, he did not succeed in evicting Auxentius from Milan.
  • The emperors actually tried in their legislation to prevent the landowners from evicting their coloni and from raising their rents.
  • From 1219 to 1224 de Burgh was constantly occupied in evicting the old loyalists from castles which they had seized or offices which they had disgraced.
  • Yet the fact that the long, soft Conchoderma auritum stands exposed on the Coronula, sometimes ten on one, indicates that the whale can have little chance of evicting its tenants, even at the expense of rubbing off the eighteen flattened horns of its own skin embedded in cavities round the domed base of the Coronula shell.

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