Sentence Examples

  • Bohemund the younger, however, prosecuted his claim with vigour, and even evicted his father from Antioch about I199; but he was ousted by Leo (now king of Armenia by 1 During the captivity of Bohemund III.
  • Were evicted from all their northern strongholds.
  • The bill to restore the evicted tenants, which resulted from the Mathew Commission, was rejected in the Lords by 249 to 30.
  • Local preachers received notice to quit their holdings, labourers were discharged, those who opened their cottages for meetings were evicted, and to show any hospitality to a travelling preacher was to risk the loss of home and employment.
  • Speaking at Ennis on the 19th of September, Buy P arnell told the people to punish a man for taking P P P g a farm from which another had been evicted " by isolating him from his kind as if he was a leper of old."