Sentence Examples

  • PT: There are several materials from which the contact lenses are made, such as RGP(rigid gas permeable), SH(silicone hydro-gel), soft contact lenses, etc. Dry eyes can occur by wearing contact lenses or by wearing the wrong contact lenses.
  • In other words, twins may really have the capability to know what the other is thinking and whether the other is feeling any pain, sadness, etc. On the physical side, twins sometimes have other commonalities, such as missing the same tooth.
  • Tim was sent to the grocery store to pick up some basic items (milk, bread, eggs, etc.) for his wife.
  • The summer camp offers many outdoor activities for kids such as fishing, hiking, canoeing, etc.
  • New technology, like smartphones, fitness trackers, etc., are altering our day-to-day lives. Is it always for the better?