Sentence Examples

  • In Finland the population is composed of Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking Protestants; the Baltic provinces are inhabited by German-speaking, Lettspeaking and Esth-speaking Lutherans; the inhabitants of the south-western provinces are chiefly Polish-speaking Roman Catholics and Yiddish-speaking Jews; in the Crimea and on the Middle Volga there are a considerable number of Tatarspeaking Mahommedans; and in the Caucasus there is a conglomeration of races and languages such as is to be found on no other portion of the earth's surface.
  • Seraphim, Geschichte Liv-, Esth-, and Kurlands (2nd ed., Revel, 1897-1904) and Geschichte von Livland (Gotha, 1905, &c.).
  • Seraphim, Geschichte Liv -, Esth -, and Kurlands (2 vols., Reval, 1895-1896).
  • 8) confirms the custom referred to in Esth.
  • Add to this, that, according to Jensen, Ishtar in mythology was the cousin of Marduk, just as the legend represents Esther as the cousin of Mordecai.4 The same scholar also accounts for Esther's other name Hadassah (Esth.

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