Sentence Examples

  • If, as seems probable, the earlier Greek version of the Book of Esther was made about 179 B.C. (Swete, Introduction of the Old Testament in Greek, p. 25), this suggestion of the connexion of Purim with the Maccabean period made by Haupt and, before him, by Willrich, falls to the ground.
  • That one of the earlier dates is correct seems probable from the fact that the Falashas know nothing of either the Babylonian or Jerusalem Talmud, make no use of phylacteries (tefillin), and observe neither the feast of Purim nor the dedication of the temple.
  • I.: if " the feast " is read, a choice remains between Passover and Tabernacles (the definite article would not be very definite after all); if the more probable " a feast," the greater feasts are presumably excluded, but a choice remains between, at any rate, Pentecost (May), Trumpets (September), Dedication (December) and Purim (February).
  • Adar 13, 2 Fast of Esther, 8 In embolismic „ 14, Purim, years.
  • PURIM, a Jewish festival held on the 14th and 15th of Adar, the last month of the Jewish calendar.