Sentence Examples

  • Die Walkure: der Ring des Nibelungen, erster Tag; 3 acts (score finished, 1856).
  • Passarge and others, Das deutsche Kolonialreich, Erster Band (Leipzig, 1909); P. Reichard, Deutsch Ostafrika, das Land and seine Bewohner (Leipzig, 1892); F.
  • Animated with this new conception Schelling made his hurried rush to Naturphilosophie, and with the aid of Kant and of fragmentary knowledge of contemporary scientific movements, threw off in quick succession the Ideen, the Weltseele, and the Erster Entwurf.
  • 1809); Erster Entwurf eines Systems der Naturphilosophie (Jena, 1799); Einleitung zu seinem Entwurf der Naturphilosophie (ib.
  • The Magistrat consists of the chief burgomaster (Erster Bdrgermeister or Stadtschultheiss, and in the large cities Oberbiirgermeister), a second burgomaster or assessor, and in large towns of a number of paid and unpaid town councillors (Ratsherren, Senatoren, Schoffen, Ratsmdnner, Magistratsrate), together with certain salaried members selected for specific purposes (eg.

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