Sentence Examples

  • I eac Pi c sto ?ers De o teon ?
  • But Soult did not attack; the bridge (April 8) was restored; Wellington crossed the Garonne and the Ers, and attacked Soult on the 10th of April.
  • He became a barrister at a at h ers Bastia in June 1788, and was soon elected a councillor of the municipality of Ajaccio.
  • She was educated at an academy in her native town and by her brother Con y ers Francis (1795-1863), a Unitarian minister and from 1842 to 1863 Parkman professor in the Harvard Divinity School.
  • But Isis collected the fragments, and wherever one was id, buried it with due honor; or, according to a different iunt, she joined the limbs together by virtue of her magical ers, and the slain Osiris, thus resurrected, henceforth reigned :ing of the dead in the nether world.