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  • Tasso, and the edition of the Schriften in which it was to appear, had still to be completed on his return from Italy; the Riimische Elegien, perhaps the most Latin of all his works, were published in 1795, and the Venetianische Epigramme, the result of the second visit to Italy, in 1796.
  • The war between France and Prussia in 1806 was fraught with danger to the existence of the principality, and after the battle of Jena it was mainly the skilful conduct of the duchess Louise, the wife of Charles Augustus, that dissuaded Napoleon 1 See Goethe's famous lines, Epigramme (35): "Klein ist unter den Fiirsten Germaniens freilich der meine; Kurz and schmal ist sein Land, massig nur, was er vermag.

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