Sentence Examples

  • You can purchase sclera contact lenses at several different online sites, including Extreme Fx, and while the convenience of purchasing your theatrical look online is enviable, the price, at $269.00, is not.
  • Not surprisingly, professional tennis players have enviable bodies that are well-toned and muscular, and this has gotten more than one athlete into the photo layouts of swimsuit and fitness magazines.
  • Nothing spoils a gorgeous ensemble quicker than an unflattering shape beneath it, so wearing a longline will provide your curves with some control, giving you an enviable hourglass figure.
  • When an applicant is in the enviable position of being able to get a loan approved with most lenders, he or she should never pay someone else to find the best mortgage deal.
  • Although you may have an enviable interest rate on your current home loan, the product offered for investment properties may be a lot worse than you could find with a different lender.