Sentence Examples

  • But the desire to obtain general enunciations of theorems without exceptional cases has led mathematicians to employ entities of ever-ascending types of elaboration.
  • The De Interpretatione, or the enumeration of conceptions and their combinations by (I) nouns and verbs (names), (2) enunciations (propositions); 3.
  • So in the Categories, he first divided things said 0ra XEy6 i 1Eva) into uncombined and combined, or names and propositions, and then divided the former into categories; and in the De interpretatione he expressly excluded mental conceptions and their combinations, and confined himself to nouns and verbs and enunciations, or, as we should say, to names and propositions.
  • Their corrections and fancied improvements of the Aristotelian logic are mostly useless and pedantic. Judgment (aico M a) they defined as a complete idea capable of expression in language aUroTEXi), and to distinguish it from other enunciations, as a wish or a command, they added " which is either true or false."

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