Sentence Examples

  • It is time now to notice the chief events which ensured the ascendancy of Bonaparte.
  • The capable performance of these functions, which often involved considerable pecuniary sacrifices, ensured public esteem, honorary inscriptions and statues; and to these honours the head of a great house was careful to add the glory of a splendid tomb, consecrated as the long home " (lit.
  • The coup d'etat was favourable to Bonaparte; it ensured his hold over the Directors and enabled him to impose his own terms of peace on Austria; above all it left him free for the prosecution of his designs in a field of action which now held the first place in his thoughts - the Orient.
  • The sanctity of the shrine ensured certain privileges to the people of Abae (Bull.
  • In this way smoothness of working is ensured, the cog-wheel being constantly in action with the rack.