Sentence Examples

  • Re-elected in the municipal elections of the 2nd of December 1792, he was soon charged with the functions of procurator of the Commune, and contributed with success to the enrolments of volunteers by his appeals to the populace.
  • To remedy this defect, a statute (called the Statute of Enrolments) was passed in the same year, which provided that every conveyance by bargain and sale of freehold lands should be enrolled in a court of record or with the custos rotulorum of the county within six months of its date.
  • The Statute of Enrolments applied only to estates of inheritance or for life, so that a bargain and sale of an estate for years might be made without enrolment.
  • Thus during the first weeks of the war there was very great unemployment in parts of the industrial regions, since the dismissals far exceeded the proportion of enrolments in the army, while agriculture, which was already occupied with the harvest, suffered from a serious shortage of labour.

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