Sentence Examples

  • ALPHONSO VII., "the Emperor" (1126-1157), is a dignified and somewhat enigmatical figure.
  • This many-named and enigmatical tribe was of considerable importance in the history of India and Persia in the 5th and 6th centuries, and was known to the Byzantine writers, who call them 'E40aXiroL, Ei)Owytroi, NecbOaAtroc or 'A(3b€Xoi.
  • The new monarch was a reserved, enigmatical prince, who seldom laughed, spoke little and wrote less - a striking contrast to Christian IV.
  • On the other hand the enigmatical motion of the perihelion of Mercury has not yet found any plausible explanation except on the hypothesis that the gravitation of the sun diminishes at a rate slightly greater than that of the inverse square - the most simple modification being to suppose that instead of the exponent of the distance being exactly - 2, it is - 2.000 000 161 2.
  • ' Apparently confirmed by the few enigmatical lines preserved by Echard from his epitaph "Pertulit iste necem post annos mille ducentos, Sexaginta decem sex habe, sex mihi retentos."