Sentence Examples

  • The hydrated acid crystallizes in prisms which effloresce in air, and are readily soluble in water.
  • Still further evaporation causes these crystals to effloresce and pass into the anhydrous salt.
  • A solution of the pure salt yields fine prisms of the composition Na2Sn03+10H20, which effloresce in the air.
  • At ordinary temperatures it crystallizes from aqueous solutions in large colourless monoclinic prisms, which effloresce in dry air, and at 35° C. melt in their water of crystallization.
  • By evaporating in vacuo the solution obtained by dissolving iron in hydrochloric acid, there results bluish, monoclinic crystals of FeCl24H20, which deliquesce, turning greenish, on exposure to air, and effloresce in a desiccator.