Sentence Examples

  • PM Medical Health News. 21st Century Complete Guide to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Connective Tissue Disorders, Hypermobility, Authoritative Government Documents, Clinical References, and Practical Information for Patients and Physicians.
  • If a couple has had a child diagnosed with EDS, the chance that they will have another child with the same disorder depends on the form of EDS the child has and if either parent is affected by the same disease.
  • If a mother is a carrier for an X-linked recessive form of EDS, she may have affected or unaffected sons, or carrier or unaffected daughters, depending on the second sex chromosome inherited from the father.
  • Austin (1840; new eds., 1841 and 1847), by W.
  • Denoting the cross-section a of a filament by dS and its mass by dm, the quantity wdS/dm is called the vorticity; this is the same at all points of a filament, and it does not change during the motion; and the vorticity is given by w cos edS/dm, if dS is the oblique section of which the normal makes an angle e with the filament, while the aggregate vorticity of a mass M inside a surface S is M - l fw cos edS.