Sentence Examples

  • However, you can upload your own photos and designs, so if you can create a digital purple zebra print design on your computer, you can have a custom duvet cover, sheet set or comforter made for you.
  • If you want the option of having different looks for different seasons, instead of buying several comforters that will take up a lot of storage space, consider purchasing a duvet cover.
  • A girl who might love princesses at the age of eight or nine might not be so in favor of having a princess duvet, princess curtains, and princess pillowcases at the age of 15.
  • It is the original interactive duvet that is intended to help kids learn how to make their beds in three easy steps and create fun, interactive changes in their décor.
  • If you find a great duvet cover or pillow shams, yet you don't want to buy an entire bedding set, you can mix it with solids in matching or complementary colors.