Sentence Examples

  • Qahir was a drunkard, and derived the money for his excesses from promiscuous confiscation.
  • When left to his own devices he became a drunkard and a murderer, and is accused of the death of his mother, sister and favorite queen.
  • Yet this eminent, this superior personage was an habitual drunkard, an uncouth savage who intruded upon the hospitality of wealthy foreigners, and was not ashamed to seize upon any dish he took a fancy to, and send it home to his wife.
  • MICHAEL (839-867), "the drunkard," was grandson of Michael II., and succeeded his father Theophilus when three years old (842).
  • But he was a drunkard and a debauchee, and chroniclers are divided in opinion as to whether he died from the effects of drink or licentious living.