Sentence Examples

  • Whether you want to add a little luxury to your camping experience, decorate a dorm room affordably, or find some comfy and easy-to-store pieces to bring out at your next party, there are lots of reasons to try inflatable furniture.
  • In the 1980s, a group of college girls were huddled in a circle in the middle of a dorm room using a Ouija board, their fingers just barely touching the planchette as it slid around the board in a lazy figure eight motion.
  • Whether you are parents furnishing a room for your college student or a student furnishing your room on a shoestring budget, finding cheap furniture for dorm rooms is a great way to stretch your furniture shopping dollars.
  • Whichever loft bed you select, just remember you'll need to assemble it inside your dorm room and disassemble it at the end of each year unless you're a year-round student and will be staying in the same room each year.
  • Whether you are starting with a completely empty room or adding your own accessory pieces to the standard dorm room bed and desk, you want the furniture you get to be comfortable, attractive, functional and affordable.