Sentence Examples

  • To give up his intention of divorcing his wife Bertha.
  • Perceiving the difficulty of the Socratic dictum he endeavoured to give to the word "knowledge" a definite content by divorcing it absolutely from the sphere of sense and experience, and confining it to a sort of transcendental dialectic or logic. The Eleatic unity is Goodness, and is beyond the sphere of sensible apprehension.
  • A conspiracy against him of all the other great boyars and the metropolitan Dionysy, which sought to break Boris' power by divorcing the tsar from Godunov's childless sister, only ended in the banishment or tonsuring of the malcontents.
  • A man of his stamp, advancing unscrupulously on the road of fortune, had no hesitation in divorcing his wife and marrying a mistress of Michael, Eudocia Ingerina, to please his master.
  • The author's general aim in these works - some of which have been translated into French, German and Japanese - was to make the consideration of maritime matters paramount to that of military, political or economic movements, without, however, as he himself says "divorcing them from their surroundings of cause and effect in general history, but seeking to show how they modified the latter, and were modified by them."