Sentence Examples

  • Beating at the door registered distantly in his thoughts.
  • After a brief residence with his mother, who was needlessly alarmed at the idea of her son falling a victim to some casual coquette, Swift towards the close of 1689 entered upon an engagement as secretary to Sir William Temple, whose wife (Dorothy Osborne) was distantly related to Mrs Swift.
  • Imagine eleven raindrops A to K to fall simultaneously and equi-distantly from the horizontal plane A M.
  • She had no near relatives, and more than a dozen ScOttish or Anglo-Scottish nobles, distantly related, to the royal line, put in a claim to the crown, or at least to a part of the royal heritage.
  • Most observers consider that Actinotrocha is a highly modified Trochosphere, and this would give it some claim to be regarded as distantly related to the Entoproct Polyzoa and to other groups which have a Trochosphere larva.