Sentence Examples

  • He was succeeded by his sons Hippias and Hipparchus, by whom the tyranny was in various ways brought into disrepute.
  • In this instance, however, prejudice (and it is difficult to believe that it was anything else) was right, for King James's first venture does not appear to have been a success either as a race-horse or as a sire, and thus Arabian blood was brought into disrepute.
  • It provided punishments up to 20 years' imprisonment for anyone who published " any language intended to bring the form of Government of the United States or the Constitution into contempt, scorn, contumely and disrepute."
  • The publication of a papal bull in 1850 establishing a Roman hierarchy in England brought the High Church party, of whom Wilberforce was the most prominent member, into temporary disrepute.
  • The sense of smell has fallen into disrepute, and a deaf person is reluctant to speak of it.