Sentence Examples

  • These conditions cannot be consistent with sensible convection of the aether near the earth without involving discontinuity in its motion at some intermediate distance, so that we are thrown back on the previous theory.
  • An argument for discontinuity of race is found in the fact that whereas the Sumerians are never represented as using the bow, their predecessors certainly made flint arrowheads.
  • Thus, for example, with = 4Uy 2 (r 2 a 2 -I), r2 = x2 +y 2, (13) for the space inside the sphere r=a, compared with the value of, i' in § 34 (13) for the space outside, there is no discontinuity of the velocity in crossing the surface.
  • Noll adopts mercury because it is easily purified, and its physical condition in the liquid state is determinate; there is, however, a discontinuity involved in passing from the liquid to the solid state at a temperature of -40° C., and it cannot be used at all with some metals, such as lead, on account of the rapidity with which it dissolves them.
  • Discontinuity happens, but it is not unpredictable.