Sentence Examples

  • The Forresters also share many grandchildren including Thomas, Phoebe and Stephanie (Ridge's children), Alexandria (Thorne's daughter), Dino (Felicia's son) and Zende (Kristen's son).
  • Whether you decide to go with a fun cartoon print dinosaur or a more realistic dino style for your toddler's bedding, there's no denying the fun feel of this prehistoric pattern.
  • In 1987, Orlando (Orrie) Velasques and drummer Dino Duncan started a high school jam band, and students at Harlandale ISD started to take notice.
  • If you have a dino fan in your house, take advantage of the opportunity to encourage his growth and interest in a topic that is truly legendary.
  • The giant ape has never had a decent big screen treatment in modern movie history (as Dino DeLaurentis' 1976 debacle hardly counts) until now.