Sentence Examples

  • Many Barney songs that have been featured on the show are set to the tune of popular children's songs, such as Barney's theme song, Barney is a Dinosaur, which is set to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.
  • However, many sonar contacts were recorded, and the researchers generally found the evidence to be positive that something large inhabited Loch Ness whether or not it was a descendent of a long-necked aquatic relative of a dinosaur.
  • No matter the age or gender of your kids, chances are there's some dinosaur knowledge bound to intrigue them - especially thanks to the various exhibits, interactive toys and informative websites at their fingertips.
  • Load up a bright colored basket with bright and bendable dinosaurs, a popular dinosaur movie such as Jurassic Park or Land of the Lost, and stuff in a pair of dinosaur pajamas for cozy bedtime wear.
  • This proved that the great herbivorous dinosaur had been preyed upon by its smaller carnivorous contemporary.