Sentence Examples

  • The first is formed when 30% hydrogen peroxide reacts with phosphorus pentoxide or metaor pyrophosphoric acids at low temperatures and the mixture diluted with ice-cold water.
  • The latex coagulates readily, especially if churned or if diluted with water, when a purer rubber is obtained.
  • It is prepared by oxidizing potassium ferrocyanide with a diluted nitric acid.
  • One part of quicklime is slaked with 6 parts of water, and the paste produced diluted with 24 parts of water; 2.3 parts of flowers of sulphur are added; and the whole is boiled for about an hour or longer, when the sulphur dissolves.
  • The mixed solution of poiysulphides and thiosulphate of calcium thus produced is clarified, diluted largely, and then mixed with enough of pure dilute hydrochloric acid to produce a feebly alkaline mixture when sulphur is precipitated.