Sentence Examples

  • If you are working out first thing in the morning and cannot get up early enough to consume and digest a regular meal, eat or drink something small and digestible a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes before physical activity.
  • Each bite is a fully digestible source of nutrition for your cat that, when fed in the appropriate amount, will not contribute to feline obesity, a condition that often leads to a host of other physical ailments down the road.
  • Concentrated and digestible foods give best results, a pig has a small stomach.
  • - Digestible Matter in 1000 lb.
  • In the feeding experiments which have been carried on at Rothamsted it has been shown that the amount consumed both for a given live weight of animal within a given time, and for the production of a given amount of increase, is, as current food-stuffs go, measurable more by the amounts they contain of digestible and available non-nitrogenous constituents than by the amounts of the digestible and available nitrogenous constituents they supply.