Sentence Examples

  • The Viscount Stafford was one of the "five Popish lords" committed to the Tower in 1678 as a result of the slanders of Titus Oates and he died by the axe in 1680 upon testimony which, as the diarist Evelyn protested, "should not be taken against the life of a dog."
  • JOHN EVELYN (1620-1706), English diarist, was born at Wotton House, near Dorking, Surrey, on the 31st of October 1620.
  • He was a good scholar and a keen student of biblical apocalyptic literature and himself "prophesied" to Queen Anne, Robert Harley, earl of Oxford, William Whiston, and John Evelyn the diarist.
  • Louise, who concealed great cleverness and a strong will under an appearance of languor and a rather childish beauty (Evelyn the diarist speaks of her "baby face"), yielded only when she had already established a strong hold on the king's affections and character.