Sentence Examples

  • The resultant hydrostatic thrust across any diametral plane of the cylinder will be modified, but the only term in the loss of head which exerts a resultant thrust on the whole cylinder is 2mU sin Olga, and its thrust is 27rpmU absolute units in the direction Cy, to be counteracted by a support at the centre C; the liquid is streaming past r=a with velocity U reversed, and the cylinder is surrounded by a vortex.
  • (9) a 5 ` = 2 (I -) y a x, or Uy (1- - 2 Y a 4 4) a, (io) for a sphere or cylinder, and a diametral plane.
  • By similar methods, a circular plate may be made to exhibit nodal lines dividing the surface by diametral lines into four or a greater, but always even, number of sectors, an odd number being incompatible with the general law of stationary waves that the parts of a body adjoining a nodal line on either side must always vibrate oppositely to each other.
  • 37) can turn about a diameter OC of a ring which is itself free to turn about, a diametral axis OX at right angles to the former; this axis is carried by a second ring which is free to turn about a fixed diameter OZ, which is at right angles to OX.
  • Respectively; E1E1 a bar sliding in a diametral groove in the face of Di; E2E, a bar sliding in a diametral groove in the face of Di: those bars are fixed together at A, so as to form a rigid cross.

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