Sentence Examples

  • (1773), p. 190) also gives results of measurements by Gascoigne of the diameters of the moon, Jupiter, Mars and Venus with his micrometer.
  • When the length of the wire exceeds 400 diameters, or thereabouts, Ho may generally be considered as equivalent to H, 10.
  • Archimedes concluded from his measurements that the sun's diameter was greater than 27' and less than 32'; and even Tycho Brahe was so misled by his measures of the apparent diameters of the sun and moon as to conclude that a total eclipse of the sun was impossible.'
  • A, The youngest stage, is magnified 22 diameters; b, older, is magnified 8 diameters; c, .the adult medusa, is magnified 6 diameters.
  • Four strings of iron casing are usually employed, having the following diameters: to in., 84 in., 64 in.