Sentence Examples

  • I shows the slips corresponding to the numbers 2, o, 8, 5 placed side by side in contact with one another, and next to them is placed another slip containing, in squares without diagonals, the first nine digits.
  • The octahedral formula discussed by Julius Thomsen (Ber., 1886, 19, p. 2 944) consists of the six carbon atoms placed at the corners of a regular octahedron, and connected together by the full lines as shown in (I); a plane projection gives a hexagon with diagonals (II).
  • Arrangements connected with Claus' formula are obtained by placing six tetrahedra on the six triangles formed by the diagonals of a plane hexagon.
  • The C.P. of water lines passing through a fixed point lies on a straight line, the antipolar of the point; and thus the core of a triangle is a similar triangle of one quarter the size, and the core of a parallelogram is another parallelogram, the diagonals of which are the middle third of the median lines.
  • In bottom booms and diagonals, 6 o tons in top booms, 5.